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May 23, 2008


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I adore the colourful vibrance of this page... and I'm not dead, Obi One, for I, too, can taste that chocolate! *giggles*
The more I see of your art and the 'washes', the more I realise I need to get some Gel Medium and start living! It'll be the same as when I discovered gesso no doubt - an instant love affair! Yes, another adventure awaits! I'm dying to try out image transfer to fabric too, as I jave a beautiful piece of hessian waiting to be made into a fabulous arty-bag! I am a complete technique junkie, aren't I? Ah well, at least I am making 'art' and my soul is no longer restless... *sighs*
Have a wondrous weekend my friend! xoxoxo

Maggie Ann

I love your layers of wonderful colors =). Color is a miracle of beauty. And I love it when generous people like you share their techniques. Thanks for coming by and liking my art so much too...


Wooooooooooooooow what a fabulous creation. Extraordinary. Barbara this is really stunning.

Thanks for this creation to TGiF.




So vibrant and full of life - great piece

Heather Robinson

Chili chocolate!! I've never even heard of it but it sounds intriguing. This is a very festive and alive spread...gorgeous use of bright colours and design elements.


What a great technique Barbara, I`m totally blown away by those rich colors.
Fabulous Card.


Yummy, yummy... how fantastic, such a vibrant and colourful work. Love chocolate with chili :-)


Another fabulous page, love the vibrancy of this one. I really love the chilli cherry chocolate that lindt make too! They don't sell it in my local supermarket so I can't get it very often, but maybe thats a good thing x


Fabulous, loev the warmth of the colours.


I am so enjoying your journal pages! You inspire me!!


Gorgeous such a nice bright colours, love it!

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