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April 03, 2008


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Kelly B



I love your designs, as well as the sweet image of the two children. When I try to do a background like that it always looks stilted and forced to me. Yours flow so beautifully!


Wow this is lovely. Totally awesome.


Fabulous pattern! I like to see these Zentangles they are very graphical.


Another magnificent realization ! Lovely


Wonderful card!


Was für eine schöne Karte!!!!!!
Süsses Motiv!


I think there are many levels to what you do and doodling is obviously one of your (many) strengths. Turning them into something beautiful with an image, is a triumph though! And this is one of them!!


Love it, great image and the zentangle goes perfect with it!!!

Paula Hewitt

This is very cute...and i like your op-art doodles! I had never heard of zentangles until now, so I just had to google it. I am impressed that someone thought of the idea to market a kit comprising paper and pen for people to do their doodles! If I market it they will come....... I prefer to stick with the old pencil and paper and call it a doodle.....

netti atkins

I really like this one.


my english is too bad to coment every work, but all are wowwwwwwwww.......... i want to jump into my screen;))


Beautiful - Barbara I love your work!


Great "zentangling" it fits to the image.

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