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April 17, 2008


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I accept your tag and will have fun with it! I hope that now you've seen Mama and Fritz, your young lady might reconsider wanting to date Edgar!!! Such fun, eh?!
Love your DD's blog.. she's quite a character and the Japanese Rumba made me giggle!
Go here for the tips on how to make the ball game card!
Enjoy! xoxoxo

Tracey Dean AKA rattytatty

Hi Noticed your post on Rosies entry to my challenge Shaker ball game card. There isn't a tutorial as such but there are hints and tips on my challenge post.
They are pretty easy especially if you can find a blow molded bubble pack from something to use. Take a look at my challenge post. Or you can use a normal shaker card technique just add extra layer of foam tape. Check out my post for more tips.
Also there is a prize draw for comments and competiton and challenge entries.

Plus a competiton for favorite crafted item using at least 1 dovecraft product Winner gets lots of Dovecraft Laura Ashley goodies
Hope this had helped with the shaker thing anyway

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