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February 06, 2008


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Kudos to your husband for thinking of this perfect idea! I hadn't thought of those for years. I'm old enough to remember the Red Cross boxes that school children filled to send somewhere, to displaced people after WWI, I guess. It's been so enjoyable to see what people remember for this challenge.

judy harper

Oh yes - I remember the March of Dimes!! Kudos to your daughter (re: your comment on my blog) for NO body piercings. My mother went a number of years later to the same doctor to get her ears pierced, as it had become high fashion by then - the doctor nearly expired of laughter remembering her tantrums over mine.


What an awesome idea, and I love the way that you have tied in the memory to March! Your thought process is fascinating. I never thought of having my TIFs reflect the months of the year, though I do plan to collect them into some kind of portfolio, as a finished piece.

I of course remember March of Dimes, and not being able to go to the circus when I was very little because it was "polio season", according to my mother.

What a huge relief it must have been for our mothers to have that vaccine!


This is fascinating, I am loving all these memories and look forward to your "dimes". Thank you for the comment on my post.


A good idea for the tif challenge. I'm looking forward to the end result.

Fiona D

this is so fascinating - I am learning so much that is new to me from reading everyone's memories from so many different times and places.

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