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February 29, 2008


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Judy Harper

Oh please do show this in progress - keep going. Beautiful yo yos - I never had the patience to do them! This gives a whole new meaning to yo yos - wish my grandmother could see them!


I know what you mean, as I find it get in the way of the process. So this month, although I noted my process, I didn't write about until I had finished. I think I will do the same next month. It makes for a long post but it the end its worth it.

Paula Hewitt

These yo yos are beautiful! I agree with you about blogging progress - I think I prefer to publish the finished article. I'll be doing this with TIF from now on...i always feel if i start one thing and it changes a'la my january challenge I have failed a bit.


Wow! I can't wait to see the finished product!! Love yo-yos. My great-aunt had a beautiful yo yo quilt, and I saw one on Etsy last night, but it was $550!!

Fiona D

the sneak peek is very intriguing - looking forward to seeing more. I like seeing how people's ideas change as they go along, but it does make for a lot more blog reading than I can fit in! I'm guessing many of us will settle down to blogging TIF once or twice only, either just when we finish or maybe first thoughts as well. i am spinning out this comment while I enjoy listening to that lovely arrangement of the blackbird in the dead of night song!

Paula Hewitt

Hi Barbara - have you given up on TIF? Ive been following along and admiring your work (hardly ever commenting though) and a realised its been an age since I've seen a TIF entry

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