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January 03, 2008


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m. heart

that is so sweet, and the quilt will be something he'll treasure forever. when my mom comes to visit my house (which is full of all sorts of things she's made for me over the years from quilted pillows to watercolor paintings) she says, "i see so much of myself here," and i think it makes us both feel better about living in different states.
can't wait to see pics of this finished quilt (someday)! happy 2008!

Shelley Jones

Love your story... tickles my heart.

Miscellany Mom

How fun! The squares look great! I hope my kiddos will ask for handmade when they are teens... that's a gift in itself! Thanks for your comment!


What a great story. Having three boys myself, I can imagine your joy at that request. I like the way the stiches are visible and kind of "rough" looking, so boyish. I'd love it when it's all put together. Good luck.


I loved this story. I love that Andrew wants a quilt and you are going to make him one and that you are not an artist in a box. I can relate and he will love the quilt forever because you made it and he will tell his children and his grandchildren. I love handmade gifts because they live on forever


Great story! I like when the kids request things (other than food, clean clothes etc) Our kids love their quilts - but I am looking foward to when they are old enough to ask for and appreciate the work/meaning as well as the end result


OMG I can just feel your emotion!

My five year old son has claimed a lap quilt I made an elderly aunt years ago. When she died I asked for the quilt back. It has hearts in five inch squares. As soon as my son saw it he said he wanted it. He's of the age where he 'hates' everything girly. Yet there that little quilt sits, on his bed, which as anyone with a five year old knows, is a prominent position. Every time I clean up his room and tidy his bed I can't believe he loves it. But I'm so glad.

Well done for you. If you had bugged him for years to make one for him he'd likely have refused, or ignored it all together. It's like when parents bug their kids about their computer games or activities that parents don't agree with. They miss the exploration part and having an interest in something you've identified with. Your son has seen beyond the activity to what it means to you.

Oh I'm rambling...but I just think that's such a cool thing.

Way to go mom.

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