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January 04, 2008


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Deb G

Not too boring :) I like your sketch!


Wow! You are very knowleageable. I don't have the patience to deal with color mixes. Sometimes I paint by squirting the oils right from the tube unto the canvas :-)


Hi - from one wordy blogger to another - I didnt think this was boring. I don't do much with paint and colour theory (yet!) so most of it went over my head - but i still enjoyed reading about it - the more info the better I say!


This is interesting. But I don't see why it's necessary to match the colors exactly for this challenge. I'm not going to even try. Clearly finding an exact match might be important for people who are being very technical with the computer or with paint, but for people using fabric, finding a close selection that works together should be enough, don't you think? Or am I missing the point?

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