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I hear you, loud and clear! I appreciate your enthusiastic encouragement, especially since I've been told from a young age that I'm a crafter of many trades and master of none! My natural creative curiosity has always been excited by so many mediums and and artistic directions. Yet, years go by and I've seen the truth of what you say, you're so right, each one has somehow positively helped the next. The greatest benefit is the overall confidence that has built a strong foundation so there is little fear of new or huge projects! Bravo Barbara! I hope many more artists read this and find it as much as a moral boost as I have!
Thank you!
Hugs, Laura


Woohoo! I have learned so much in the past year, I can't begin to tell you! I identify completely with what you say/write. I love being a 'jack of all trades' - always have done. It's so enjoyable to be diverse!
I actually had the nerve to tell someone on Creative Souls that I think 'success' is overrated, unless you like working under pressure! Can you believe that? Me? Untrained, undisciplined... but very arty-farty!
You have artiphied my heart today - thank you! xoxoxo


Another brilliant article. I loved the last one and this one too. Thanks again for your generosity and time in all of this
Hugs June xxxx

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  • 'ar-ti-fakts\ n. L. arte = skill + factum, of facere = to do. 1. Characteristic products of human activity, as usually hand-made objects (as tools or ornaments) representing a particular culture or stage of technological development.

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